Long Hollow Suri Alpacas

We started this adventure in 2002 with the purchase of 4 Suri alpacas. We chose Suri's because of their "Look" They had an elegance that we just could not get away from. Also there were fewer (more rare) and we loved the fleece. Since then, we have added many animals, moved to a 62-acre farm, set up a store, and participated in shows of all levels around the country.

The farm today has 97 suri alpacas. Our house overlooks the alpaca pastures, Our barn office has windows into the girl's stalls and paddocks so we can keep a close lookout on them. The males have their own barn at the other end of the property, with their own dedicated pastures, etc. The main barn also houses the Farm store and upstairs is our training/seminar room.

Since we are mechanical systems designers by trade, we had to incorporate a few goodies into the business. So we installed a wood-burning boiler and Radiant Heating in the floor of the entire building, as well as Solar Electric Generation on the roof of the barn. These two features provide us with heat and hot water in the winter and electricity to run the whole operation year round. These features make us a great stop on the Tn. Agritourism trails.

In the last several years we have become interested in the "science" of breeding. We have always gotten Histograms of our animals, but now we are using Biopsies to further evaluate animals prior to breeding. When looking at animals on the website, check out the stats. We feel this will help us breed a more consistent fiber quality, which is what the industry needs to continue growing.

If these concepts interest you, let us help you! We have lots of animals for sale. Be it for Breeding Stock, Showing, Fiber, or just a Pet we have a variety available.