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Latest Blog Posts

At Ouroboros Farmstead, where ancient symbolism meets modern sustainability, alpacas play a central role in the dedication of creating closed-loop systems that mirror the resilience of nature. 

Covid brought us all many different challenges, but for Black Barn Alpacas, it brought happiness in the form of pronking, humming, and new fluffy friends. Since relocating to Maryland, their herd has flourished to approximately 100 alpacas with around 20-40 crias annually. Looking ahead to 2024, they eagerly anticipate embracing agritourism, a growing business within the alpaca community. 

High Desert Farmstead is not just a place; it's a journey into the heart of tranquility. This farmstead emerged from a suburban backdrop as its founders searched for a life of serenity and fulfillment. What began as a flower farm blossomed into an alpaca haven, where countryside nature and alpacas intertwine seamlessly. 

Gold Benefactors

  • Alpaca Country Estates, LLC
  • Big Timber Alpacas, LLC
  • Cas-Cad-Nac Farm, LLC
  • Eagle Eye Farm
  • Flying Iron Ranch
  • Red Granite Ranch Ltd
  • Tierra Prometida Alpacas

Silver Benefactors

  • Amber Autumn Alpacas
  • Applewood Lane Alpacas, Inc
  • Buck Brook Alpacas
  • Crescent Moon Ranch
  • Foster's Trail & Alpaca Farm
  • Greenbriar Farm Alpacas — MAM Consulting Associates, Inc.
  • Healing Springs Suris
  • Heritage Farm Alpacas & Events, LLC
  • Irish Meadows Alpaca Farm
  • Long Hollow Suri Alpacas
  • Man in the Moon Farm, LLC
  • Mesa Trail Alpacas
  • Roaring Acres Alpacas LLC
  • Rogue Alpacas
  • Rosehaven Alpacas Inc
  • Shalimar Alpacas
  • Sugarland Alpacas
  • Suri & Company of Fern Creek Farm
  • Two Hearts Alpaca Ranch
  • Walnut Ridge Acres
  • West Penn Alpacas
  • Xanadu Farm Alpacas