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Madeleine Fortmann has been involved in the alpaca industry since 2005 when her parents started in the industry. Today she is breeding Huacayas and Suris in Germany, Australia, and the United States in her own breeding programs named Oldenburg Alpacas, SURI Royal, and Madrick Alpacas.

Being involved in all its facets and daily tasks of managing those high-quality breeding programs, her client-based services also include a wide range of public and private seminars as well as professional shearing service throughout Europe, shearing > 1,000 alpacas per year. Madeleine is selecting and importing alpacas globally. Regular trips to Chile, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Europe have given her an up-to-date understanding of the global alpaca market. Shearing a vicunja at a vicunja chaccu in the peruvian altiplano near Picotani belongs as one of her all-time highlights.

From the very beginning it was very important to her to expand her knowledge about alpacas. She is convinced that the key to breeding and raising alpacas successfully is in-depth knowledge and of course a passion for what you do. In the end, you can only improve what you know in all its facets in the desired direction. Madeleine enjoys sharing her knowledge and is always ready for alpaca discussions.

Madeleine attended Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität (Bonn, Germany) and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural sciences.

In 2018, Madeleine entered the Alpaca Owners Association Judge Training Program and became a certified fleece judge in 2023.

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